Our mission is produce food that you and your families can feel good eating. We strive to raise the highest quality meat and eggs with clean and sustainable practices.


We are a pasture-raised livestock farm. What does that mean? We practice sustainable agriculture through rotationally grazing our animals through the fields. Our livestock are moved from one paddock to another so they continuously have access to new fresh pasture to forage. In conjunction with their pasture-based diet our animals are given a NON-GMO project certified feed and we do not administer antibiotics or growth hormones. These rotational grazing methods also benefit the health of the grass and plants and allow the pastures to produce a higher quality forage.


Pastured-raised animals live outdoors under the sunshine and are able to forage and eat the bug and plants that provide nutritional value to the meat and eggs along with providing them a different taste (a more flavorful in our opinion and per many of our customers!). Pasture-raised meats are higher in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids CLA and ALA. It is also higher in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, riboflavin and thiamin. Additionally, it is high in minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
(Source: eatwild.com)

why DaSilva Farm

• We care about what you eat - we strive to provide you the highest quality meat & eggs grown cleanly.
• We are small family farm and we care about the products we provide you because they are the products we provide our own family.
• We humanely raise our animals out on pasture and they are rotationally grazed.
• We raise our animals with organic practices in mind.
• There is a taste difference (a good one!) due to them being raised on pasture and being able to forage.
• We do not administer antibiotics, growth hormones or synthetic feed to our animals.
• In conjunction to their pasture-based diets our animals are given a certified non-gmo feed.
• Our animals are processed at a USDA certified facility for your piece of mind.