Pasture-Raised Meat & Eggs



We raise happy egg-laying hens! We have a mix flock of Rhode Island Reds and Arcoannnnnn. Our ladies roam on our fresh chemical-free pastures where they are under the sunlight, are able to scratch at the grass and eat the bugs. In addition to their pasture-based diet they are fed a high quality NON-GMO project verified poultry grain from Highland Naturals. Due to the cold winters we get in New England the ladies are brought into a greenhouse for a few months to protect them from the severe weather conditions. Our pasture eggs are available all-year round. 


PASTURE-raised chicken

Similar to our egg-layers our broilers are raised on fresh chemical-free pasture where they get natural and healthy nutrients from the bugs, grass and sunlight. We raise them right from day old chicks. They are protected in large open mobile shelters that are moved everyday to a new section of fresh pasture. We raise a breed of cornish hens that are optimal for their meat. They are also fed a high quality NON-GMO project verified grain in addition to their pasture diet.


PASTURE-raised turkey

We raise heritage breed turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. Much like our egg-laying hens the turkeys are raised in the same rotational grazing manner. The turkeys are free to roam and forage our chemical-free pasture and they are routinely moved to new fresh pasture. They are also fed a high quality NON-GMO project verified grain in addition to their pasture diet.

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PASTURED PORK & grass-fed Beef

Due to leased land restrictions we currently do not raise our own pork and beef. But we have partnered with a trusted farms to source these meats for ours customers. Our porks comes from Blackbird Farm in RI and our beef comes from Colburn Farm in VT.
Once we transition to our own farm property we will be raising our own pork and beef - stay tuned!