our small family farm is run by us - a husband and wife team, along with our two daughters. we pour our hard work and love into all aspects of our farm ensuring we are giving our family and community a product they can feel good eating.


Josh DaSilva
Josh runs and manages the farm. He cares for the animals on a daily basis and ensures everything out on the pastures is running smoothly. Like most farmers, you will find him doing a million other tasks like building farm structures, making deliveries, collecting & washing eggs, working the farmers markets, and so much more! But through it all you can see his love and passion for what he does!
As a youth Josh grew up around his grandfathers, who each had a love of farming and gardening. Though Josh’s main background was originally in carpentry he worked on various farms part-time and his passion and love really grew and he knew that working with animals was what he was destined to do. Then in 2015 he ventured in opening his own farm with his wife.


Felicia DaSilva
Felicia works more behind the scenes. She manages the business side of the farm including the bookkeeping, website design and marketing. You will also find her working the farm stand, markets, washing and packaging eggs. Her most important job is caring for their 2 and 4 year old daughters.
Felicia graduated from Roger Williams University with a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design. After college she ventured into the corporate world where she worked as a Marketing Manager for over 6 years. There she managed the marketing and packaging of three world leading office products brands - Stanley Bostitch Office Products, Black & Decker Office Products, and PaperPro. In 2015 Felicia departed the corporate world to launch their family business, DaSilva Farm.


Sienna & Brielle
Our 4 and 2 year old daughters are our biggest driving force! They love to help daddy around the farm or helping mommy run the farm stand greeting customers - their smiles alone are worth the trip! They love getting dirty around the farm helping daddy collect eggs, feed the animals, fill waterers and observe the baby chicks. They especially love helping us pack eggs into the egg cartons for our farmers markets. They surely are turning in smart hard workers!

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Meet Flore, our Livestock Dog. She is one of our best farm helpers. She works all day long, day and night, protecting the chickens and turkeys from predators and this is vital in a pasture raised farm operation. She has protected them from coyotes, hawks and more. Meet Flore!
Why the name Flore? Well, not only is she a Portuguese cattle dog, but our family comes from the Portuguese Islands called the Azores, so we thought it was fitting to name her after one of the islands called Flores!