Cloverbud RANch CO-OP

A team of different farmers working together to bring you a variety of local raised goodness! Including pastured meats, eggs, grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, herbs and more!


Welcome to our new farm home in Portsmouth, RI called Cloverbud Ranch. It's a beautiful 120 acres of open pasture - plenty of gorgeous greens for our livestock to roam and forage! Even more exciting is that here, at Cloverbud Ranch, we are excited to be part of a CO-OP,  which is a group of different partner producers working together to build a farm co-op. This team of farmers includes New England Grass Fed Beef raising 100% Grass-Fed Beef and Rabbits, The Local Patch growing organic vegetables, Natural Creola growing specialty herbs and flowers that she turns in beauty products, local honey and of course us, DaSilva Farm, raising pastured chickens, eggs, turkeys and pigs! Together we will be able to offer a full variety of goods that are grown sustainably and organically.


DaSilva Pastured Farm

We will continue to raise non-gmo pasture-raised chickens, eggs and Thanksgiving turkeys! New this year, we will also be raising pastured pigs that will be available in August! Navigate our site to learn more about us and our sustainable farming practices!


New England Grass Fed Beef

Martin Of New England Grass Fed Beef will be raising a herd of 100% grass-fed beef. He practices sustainable and humane practice and rotationaly grazes the cows. He will also be raising rabbits.
Click here to learn about New England Grass Fed Beef.


The Local Patch

Amy & Andrew of The Local Patch will be growing organic greens and vegetables! They employ no-till, organic and biologically intense cropping practices with an emphasis on the health of the soil. 
Click here to learn more about The Local Patch.


Natural Creola

Natural Creola is self-care for skin, home, and hair. Michelle plans to make an interesting selection of herbal teas, beauty products and syrups along with her fresh and dried herbs and flowers.
Click here to learn more about Natural Creola.


Cloverbud Ranch FarmStand

The Cloverbud Ranch Farm Stand is currently being built, but it's almost complete! Opening in mid-June! Stop by and meet the team!