What is a CSA and how does it work?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a common way for consumers to pre-buy local and seasonal food directly from a farmer at the beginning of the season. By purchasing a CSA you are investing in our farm and helping us prepare for the upcoming season. Your investment provides us with working capital when it is most needed and in return you get the highest quality, non-gmo pastured meats and eggs at a discount. A share is basically like a subscription / membership to our farm. You simply sign-up & purchase a share of your choice and you pick-up your meat and eggs at your convenience!

How does a CSA Share work?

A share is basically like a subscription / membership to our farm. You simply sign-up & purchase a share of your choice and you pick-up your meat and eggs at your convenience at either our farm stand or any of our farmers market locations.

What CSA shares do you offer?

We offer two kinds of shares:
Poultry Share Options: There is a Full and Half Share option. These shares give you the flexibility to pick-up chicken and eggs as you desire and around your schedule. You decide how much of the share you would like to pick up at one time. And each includes a Thanksgiving Turkey! You receive a punch card to keep track of your share as you pick items up.

Flex Card Share Options:  There are 3 options/levels of the Flex Card ranging from Small to Large. The Flex Card give you complete flexibility to pick and choose any of our products (chicken, pork, turkey and eggs!) and amount you would like any time you shop with us. You receive a pre-loaded card with your credit amount, which includes an added bonus! Then you use this card like cash/gift card and spend it on any of our available products (chicken, pork, turkey and eggs!) at any of our farmers’ market locations or our farm stand.  Purchases made will automatically deduct from your card.

Click here to learn more about our Poultry Share and Flex Card Share Options.

Note: Pork will be available starting in August and Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving.

How do I sign up for a CSA share?

You can sign-up for a CSA share online or via a mail-in sign-up form. Click here to sign up online using a credit card. If you would prefer the mail-in option please fill out the sign-up form and mail it to us along with a check made payable to DaSilva Farm.
Once we receive your online registration or mail-in form we will send you an email confirmation. Soon after we will mail you your punch-card or flex card.

How much is a CSA share?

We offer 5 different share options each of which is a different cost. Please click here to see our shares option details and pricing.

Why does the online price differ from the mail-in option?

We implemented an online sign-up option for the convenience of our consumers who would like to pay via credit or debit card. Unfortunately, the online system comes with a 2.9% processing fee. To avoid the online processing fee we have also provided you the option to sign-up and pay via mail - click here for the mail-in form.

What are the benefits of a CSA?

By signing up for a share you are receiving our products at a discounted rate. Additionally, a CSA member receives an additional 10% discount from any DaSilva Farm products purchased outside their share. So if you fulfill your share before the season ends or if you would like to purchase some DaSilva Farm products not included in your share you receive them at a 10% discount as a benefit of being one of our loyal share members.

Does a CSA Share expire?

Yes, you need to fulfill your share by the end of November 2017. Any unfulfilled punch cards or flex cards can not be carried over into the next year.

Where do I pick up my CSA?

You shop with us directly at our farm stand or at of our farmers markets. Click here to see our farmers market locations and schedule. Click here for our farm stand hours.

Can I change my CSA pick-up location?

Yes. We ask when you initially sign-up to let us know which location you anticipate being your routine pick-up location to help us better plan, but you can attend any location that best fits your need at the time.

Is the Flex Card re-loadable?

Yes. If you use up all the funds on your Flex Card card or would like to add more funds at any time we can do that for you.

Can I track the balance of my Flex Card?

Yes. Simply visit us at one of our locations and we will be able to check your card balance.

What if I am unable to pick-up my share one week?

No problem! We know a weekly commitment is hard with everyone's busy schedule, so with all of our shares you do not need to come each week. You simply come on the days that work best with your schedule.

Can I join your CSA at anytime?

Yes, as long as it is within our CSA season, which typically runs from June through November. The only requirement is that you any CSA share purchased in 2017 must be fulfilled by the end of November 2017. Any unfulfilled cards will not be carried over into the following year.

What are the risk and rewards of CSA?

A CSA is an investment and risk for both the farmer and member. We both understand the potential of unforseeable circumstances that could occur, such as extreme weather conditions like a drought or predator attacks on the livestock. We work to do everything in our power to prevent such situations from occurring.