Flex Card Share Membership


Flex Card Share Membership

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Cash gives you complete flexibility to pick up what you want when you want

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What is a Flex Card: The Flex Card is a pre-loaded card that you gives you complete flexibility to pick and choose any of our products (chicken, pork, turkey and eggs) and the amount you would like to spend each time you shop with us. Each card options includes a bonus $ value!

Flex Card Share Options:  There are 3 options/levels of the Flex Card - Large, Medium & Small. Each offers a different value and bonus! See below for details.


How does it work: Simply sign-up for Flex Card option that best fits your needs and you will receive a pre-loaded card with your credit amount, which includes an added bonus! Then you use this card like cash/gift card and spend it on any of our products (chicken, pork, turkey and eggs!) at any of our farmers’ market locations or our farm stand. You will be able to choose from our available inventory. Purchases will get automatically deducted from your card. You do not have to come every week, nor do you have to spend an exact amount - come as your schedule allows! The only requirements are that you always bring your card with you when you pick-up items and all funds must be spent between June and November 2017, as nothing will be carried into the next season.

What items can you purchase with the Flex Card: Any of our whole or cuts of chicken, eggs, pork, and turkey! (Note: Pork will be available starting in August and Turkeys are for Thanksgiving)

Extra Bonus: All of our CSA members receive 10% off any items they purchase outside of their shares.

More Questions? Check out our FAQ page. If you don't get your questions answered on this page just contact us directly!

*Note: Online orders include a 2.9% processing fee making total the cost for a Large $667, Medium $462 and Small $231. If you prefer to avoid the fee, please fill out our mail-in sign-up form and mail it in along with a check for the full amount.